Boy Kidnapped & Murdered, Suspects Arrested

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Hyderabad:  A 15-year-old boy, who was reportedly kidnapped for ransom on Wednesday, was allegedly found murdered on Thursday, police said.

The body of Abhay Modani, a Class 10 student, was found in a TV package box near Alpha Hotel in Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad. His hands were tied with a rope.

The boy was allegedly kidnapped from near his house in Shahinayatgunj area of Hyderabad on Wednesday evening.

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“His family members later received a phone call from the kidnapper, who demanded Rs. 10 crore as ransom from Abhay’s father Raj Kumar, who owns a scrap recycling company. The caller called again later to demand Rs. 5 crore,” police said.

Following a complaint by the boy’s family, police traced the call to Secunderabad and launched a hunt for the suspects. The body was found by the roadside near Alpha Hotel on Thursday morning.

According to the family, Abhay had gone out on Wednesday evening to get idlis. Footage recorded on surveillance cameras in the area shows Abhay riding pillion on a two-wheeler with a youngster, who appeared to be familiar to him.

After initial investigation, the police suspected 3 people to be involved in the kidnap and murder. They then formed 10 special teams to search and arrest the suspects.

According to the police the three kidnappers are suspected to be former employees of the boy’s father. They allegedly murdered the boy soon after kidnapping him. They subsequently demanded a ransom of Rs. 10 crore.

The three were arrested from a train while trying to escape to Vijayawada.