Boy Destroys £10,000 LEGO Sculpture


Beijing: A young artist is devastated after a LEGO sculpture he had worked tirelessly on was destroyed by a child in the first hour of a new exhibition.

The man, from the city of Wenzhou, eastern China, had spent three days making the intricate artwork without sleeping, reported the People’s Daily Online.

He said in a social media post on May 29 that he felt frustrated at the unfortunate event which occurred during a LEGO exhibition in the city of Ningbo.

The part-time artist posted a series of pictures of the LEGO sculpture on Chinese social media Weibo under the screen name ‘Mi zhi ALiu’.

His Weibo account indicates that the man is 22 years old. lego

The images showed how the man had painstakingly built the statue of Nick Wilde, a character from the Disney animation Zootopia.

In one of the pictures, the man could be seen taking great pride in the finished work, which was on display at a shopping centre.

The sculpture could be seen totally destroyed in the last picture of the series.

The man said: ‘An hour after the exhibition opened, a boy aged four to five pushed Nick and he fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.’

The artist, named as Mr Zhao by Chinese media, said he had worked non-stop for three days in order to meet the deadline of the exhibition.

The sculpture, which consisted of around 10,000 LEGO bricks, is valued at 100,000 Yuan (£10,000).

Mr Zhao said all sculptures at the exhibition were separated from the visitors by ropes, but children were allowed to take pictures with them one by one.

The man said he had loosely glued the LEGO bricks together, but the sculpture was not strong enough to endure any pushes.

He said a ‘no touching’ sign had been placed near the artwork.

The father of the child had reportedly apologised to the artist.

Mr Zhao declined financial compensation as he told media ‘the child didn’t do it deliberate’

The incident has sparked an outcry on Weibo.

The artist’s post has gathered more than 41,800 shares and 19,500 comments.

Many Weibo users felt great shame for him.

One user named ‘nm shuo jie ai chi shi’ wrote: ‘I have made a very small LEGO model and it took me four hours. I felt so bad for you.’
Another user ‘Verix’ said: ‘Your work was fantastic. I can’t imagine the pain you must have experienced while seeing the scene.’

Some users think the parents of the child should give him severe punishment.

‘Daniel_sui feng jun’ said: ‘It was the father’s fault not to teach.’

‘Fu zi zhi xi’ wrote: ‘If he were my child, I would have beaten him so hard.’

‘ALfaX’ commented: ‘You should have insisted that the parents compensate. Only this way would they know how to educate their child.’

Yesterday Mr Zhao posted a followed-up message to thank all the Weibo users.

The post read: ‘I thank everybody’s concern… I have known many LEGO lovers through this incident and I am moved.’

The note went on saying: ‘Nobody wants to see this happen.

‘If the parents could draw a lesson from this and learn how to teach their child, then it’s worth it. ‘

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