Maneka Gandhi Launches New Tool To Fight Sexual Harassment

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New Delhi: New tool is made for fighting against sexual harassment. The central government on Tuesday came up with a new mechanism to deal with the menace of sexual harassment at workplaces. The Ministry of Women and Child Development, headed by Maneka Gandhi, launched a portal named SHe-Box, with the motto ‘A safe workplace is every woman’s right’.

The url of the website is The homepage of the website gives two main options to the users. While one option is ‘Register Your Complaint’, the second one is ‘View status of Complaint’.

When one clicks on the link to register a complaint, the user has to choose if she is government employee or works in a private firm. Following this a form is provided where the user can register her details such as name, designation, email, company name, Aadhaar number etc.

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Launching the portal on Tuesday, Maneka Gandhi said that harassment could include use of foul language or cracking of lewd jokes. It was a flood of complaints from people working in government sector that prompted the government to extend its mechanism to those working in private sector.

“We received 346 complaints from women employed in the government sector. Seeing such a huge response we are opening SHe-box to all women who have faced any kind of sexual harassment at the workplace in India,” Gandhi told reporters.