Bose family Approaches UK Over Netaji Files


Berlin: The cry to declassify files pertaining to the mystery surrounding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is gathering steam as Netaji’s grandnephew Surya Kumar Bose, who had met Prime Minister Modi on the issue earlier, has approached the UK asserting it has the relevant documents on him.

Surya Kumar Bose, who had met PM Modi on the issue during his visit here in April, said he had written a letter to him days after the meeting but is yet to receive any response.

Asked about Modi government’s approach on the issue, Surya said he was hopeful on securing “closure” to the “mystery” over the issue.

“I am hopeful because I think Modi has the guts to do it and I have told him quite frankly that we are ready to face whatever comes out, whether it is positive or negative or whatever it is. We have to face the music. Because we have been asking for it,” he said.

The family has approached the UK government, asserting that it has classified files on him besides Japan and Russia. “My sister who has a base in London has approached the British government to declassify the files. They have admitted that they have files. But they have to go through them in detail. They have asked for more time. So that means they have files on Subhash Bose which are classified,” Surya told PTI Berlin.

Surya said the issue is being taken up with governments of Japan and America and that the family was determined to get to the bottom of it notwithstanding whatever comes out of the declassification of the files.

Surya claimed that governments of Russia, Japan and the United States have information about Netaji and that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had their files open on him till 1985.

The PMO on Wednesday had told the Central Information Commission that it cannot declassify files related to Bose as it will adversely affect relations with foreign countries.

The fate of the freedom fighter, who led the Indian National Army (INA), is not known after his plane crashed in Taiwan in 1945.