To Boost Power, Putin Increases Size Of Army To 2 Million Troops

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Moscow: To boost power and strength, Russian leader Vladimir Putin was announced via state media his military would be bolstered with an additional 100,000 service personnel. The reinforcements bring the size of Russia’s armed forces to 1.9 million, including more than one million active troops.

The announcement comes as Russia continues to exert its influence over Eastern Europe and the prospect of a conflict on the Korean Peninsula looms over East Asia. Thousands of NATO troops are currently deployed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to counter the possibility of Russian invasions.

Mr Putin has presided over a multi-billion-dollar modernisation programme of the Russian military in recent years. The country ranks third in the world in terms of military spending, ploughing a massive $69bn (£52.3bn) in to defence annually. Russia has also carried out recent tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles.