Bombs Hurled At TMC Leader’s House, Chaos In Birbhum


Suri: Chaos erupted in Birbhum over factional feud in Santhia’s Bahara village on Tuesday morning. Bombs were hurled at TMC block president Saber Ali’s house.

Block president refused allegations of factional feud within party. He claimed that the BJP goons carried out the attack. Bombings and firing took place the entire night. A huge police force has been deployed at the spot.

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The incident has left three injured and all these three injured are said to be supporters of the block president.

An incident three months back, led to Monday night’s incident. Quarrel broke out between two children Sheikh Maiuddin and Sheikh Riyaz while playing, three months back. At that time, one of them cut the other’s finger. After that the other part of the party Sheikh Shukur said that a decision must be taken and hence a trial meeting must be set up.

On the other hand, Santhia block president Saber Ali did not allow the trial meeting. He said that the problem must be solved within themselves. After this, on Monday night, bombs were hurled at Sheikh Shukur and his men houses by the other section of the party. In retaliation, Sheikh Shukur’s men allegedly hurled bombs and fired at Saber Ali’s house. A tea shop was also set ablaze.

Santhia police in large numbers reached the spot and brought the situation under control. Sheikh Shukub alleged that Saber Ali is running a dictatorship in the area. The block president however accused the BJP goons on carrying out the attack.