Bomb Threat to 11 Indigo Flights, Alert Sounded

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New Delhi: There have been bomb threats to 11 Indigo flights across the country, sources said Wednesday.

While some of the flights have already been grounded, the others will be taken to the the isolation bay as soon as they land.

Sources said that since the caller did not give any specific flight numbers, all the Indigo flights landing in Delhi were being checked.

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The first one to be grounded was the Indigo flight from Srinagar via Jammu, which was taken to the isolation bay at Delhi airport immediately after landing.

The threat call was received at Indigo’s call centre in Chennai while the flight was midair.

The latest incident of bomb scare comes a day after the Delhi airport received calls about presence of bombs on five Jet Airways flights that originated from the national capital hours after the Brussels bomb attacks.

In recent weeks, Delhi airport has been receiving many calls about bomb threats and so far all of them have turned out to be hoax.

Once a bomb threat is received a a flight is grounded till a thorough check is done.

Grounding and checking a flight would cost an airline Rs 7 lakh every hour. It takes at least five hours to thoroughly check an aircraft. Which means, this bomb threat call would cost Indigo Airlines Rs 2.5 to 3 crores?