Bomb Hurled At Tea-Shop Owner In Murshidabad


Baharampur: A tussle at a tea shop led to a person’s death in Mursidabad.The deceased’s name is Nasim Sheikh who is allegedly killed by bombing.The incident took place in Suti police station area of Murshidabad.

According to local sources,on the day of Bakri Eid on Wednesday just like other days the owner was having conversation with his daily customers. At the meantime, a scuffle took place between the tea shop owner Nasim Sheikh and a man named Ramiz Sheikh resident of neighboring village Sultanpur. During the dispute, Ramiz allegedly hurled a bomb in the shop leaving Nasim seriously wounded. Soon tension was spread in the area. Later he succumbed to his injury.

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According to the sources, Suti police reached the spot immediately after getting the news. Nasim’s body was recovered from the area and sent for autopsy in Jangipur Sub-Divisional Hospital. Beside this, the Suti police also detained accused Ramiz Sheikh. The investigation on this incident is underway, Why such incident took place everything will be come in light once police finish the probing.

Why this dispute about the closure of the shop? Why the bombing incident is a little incident? Police are investigating whether there is any other mystery behind this murder.