Bomb Hurled At Panchayat Head Residence In Cooch Behar


Cooch Behar: Bomb explosion took place in the recently elected gram panchayat head Deoyanhaat of Cooch Behar-1. Focusing the incident, the factional feud of Trinamool has been beefed up in.

Bullet and bombs have been pelted over the house of newly elected gram panchayat head, Dipika Bhowmik. She lodged a FIR against few leader to Kotowali. Though youth congress hasde denied such allegation against them.

According to local source, a tension was prevailing among TMC and Youth TMC regarding the election in block-1 of Deoyanhaat of Cooch Behar. Amid all the chaos the name of the head has been announced which effected the situation in a great extent.

It has been alleged that, targeting a hardware shop adjacent to Dipika Bhowmik house, the bomb has been hurled by the youth TMC people. Police has recovered the outer part of the bullet and others part of the bullet. FIR has been filed against few people suspecting involvement in the incident.

Dipika Bhowmik said that, “Few miscreants were slagging, standing in front of her house and identified themselves as a part of the youth TMC. then those incidents took place.”

Though Youth TMC has denied that. Youth TMC district president Parthapratim Roy said that , “I am not aware of such incident. If something comes like this, proper action will be taken against them.”