Bomb & Gun Firing Incident Creates Panic On Kolkata Street


Kolkata: Again sounds of gun and bomb heard at Kolkata streets on Saturday. A man was shot in Motijhil area of Entaly last night. Locals said that victim Md. Arzoo is a taxi driver. The bullet hit in his stomach and he is admitted to hospital.

According to sources, on Saturday night around 12am, a local named Tipu and his teammates created a fuss by abusing each other. When taxi driver Arzoo along with some locals came for protesting the miscreants struck two bombs on them. As the bombs didn’t burst so they shoot at the protestors and ran away, in this clash the bullet hit in Arzoo’s stomach. In a critical condition he was soon admitted to the Park Circus Chittaranjan Hospital.

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Police is now patrolling the area. The investigation of the incident is going on. However, no one has been arrested so far.