Chaos At Baruipur Station Over Hawker Eviction

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Update: Four rail officials have been injured over the Baruipur Station incident. One out of them, Kamal Ghosh is in a ‘critical’ condition. He has been admitted to the Baruipur Hospital. The railway authorities have postponed the evacuation process of the hawkers post chaos in the area. Sealdah’s assistant engineer T.S. Mina said that the rail officials were harassed and beaten up badly by the hawkers. T.S Mina also said that the state had no role to play in the hawker’s eviction process.

Update: Chaos continues at Baruipur station. A senior section engineer Samar Ghosh got injured while trying to intervene and settle quarrel between the agitators. He got hit in the head and back. He has been admitted to the B. R. Singh Hospital.

Baruipur: Panic spread at Baruipur station on Saturday over hawker eviction where reportedly 14 bomb explosions took place.

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The RPF, on orders from the Railway authorities, reached the Baruipur station in order to evict the hawkers of the station who were occupying the railway compound. But the hawkers started protesting. It has been reported that atleast 14 bomb blasts occurred near the station. No casualties or injuries have been reported yet. As a result, panic spread among the passengers.

Thousands of protesters have assembled at the station staging a protest over the eviction. They have alleged that the police had come to evict them without any official notice. They also accused that the eviction was supposed to be carried out without offering any alternate profession to the hawkers. But the police officers have denied such allegations saying that all measures were taken after following proper procedure.