Bomb Attacks in Bangladesh Killed One


Dhaka: Unidentified attackers threw home-made bombs early Saturday at thousands of Shiite Muslims gathered for a traditional procession in Bangladesh’s capital, leaving one dead and more than 100 injured, police said.

Police say the incident took place at Huseni Dalan, an important 17th century center of learning for the minority Shiite community, where 25,000 people had gathered in the old part of Dhaka.

Local police said a 12-year-old boy died, and that many of the injured were being treated at local hospitals.  Nobody claimed the responsibility for the attacks. At least five bombs were thrown, police said. Three exploded and two were recovered.  Police arrested two suspects from the scene immediately after the blasts and were questioning them, said Ahmed.

“This is unprecedented. We have been observing this for ages but we never faced anything like this,” Feroz Hossain, the curator of the building, told reporters.