Bomb Hoax At Los Angeles Airport

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Los Angeles: A bomb threat has been made against an American Eagle plane at Los Angeles International Airport.

Passengers were evacuated after flight AA5391 landed safely and the FBI carried out a security search.

The plane, which is part of the American Airlines brand, was grounded on the tarmac after flying in from Houston, Texas.

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The plane reportedly landed at a more remote location of the airport, at a secure distance from the terminal and other planes.

Security staff responded to the threat shortly after 8.30am Tuesday morning.

Passengers appeared to be searched and assessed once they had exited the plane, and were then transported to the terminal via buses waiting for them at the airport steps.

LAX airport were notified of the threat after someone had called a phone center in Houston regarding the plane, according to the LAX police department.

Emergency staff with sniffer dogs went on board about 9.30am.

They were joined by police, the FBI, armoured vehicles and firetrucks.

No one has been reported injured and airport operations were said to continue as normal as the the search on the plane was carried out.

Authorites are on high alert after an EgyptAir plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last week and bombs exploded at Brussels Airport in March.