Bolpur IC Gets Thrashed by Drunkards, Gets Leave


Bolpur: Bolpur’s IC Prabir Dutta gets thrashed by drunken youths at a restaurant in Bolpur amid New Year celebrations, said police. He received serious nose injuries. Birbhum District Administration has sent him on leave temporarily.

According to police sources, Bolpur’s IC had gone to a restaurant in Shantiniketan’s sonajhuri along with his family on Thursday night. Over there he had a quarrel with few drunken youths. As the heat of the argument rose the youths started beating him.Police have nabbed a few youths from the restaurant for questioning.

According to sources, the youths have surrendered but they have filed a complaint regarding the IC. They said that the IC was severely drunk and started misbehaving in the restaurant. When some youths protested this, he threatened them. Then they started fighting.

The severely injured IC was first taken to Shantiniketan’s gramin hospital. But when his condition detiorated he was shifted to Bolpur Hospital. Currently he is getting treated at a Kolkata hospital.

After this incident, IC has been sent on temporary leave, by the administration authorities. No one has been arrested yet.