Bollywood Celebrity Dads Who Have Lookalike Kids


Mumbai: Bollywood is one of the most famous entertainment industry in the world. Any news related to this becomes viral. In honor of Father’s Day, check out these celebrity Dads and their doppelgänger offspring. Below are the celebrity kids who look like exact carbon copies of their dads.

  • Sunil Dutt And Sanjay Dutt
    The resemblance is truly making me rub my eyes in astonishment; I’m sure we’re floating on the same boat, aren’t we?! Along with a well-structured face and body, Sanjay Dutt has surely acquired effortless charm and an aura from his superstar Dad. 
  • Shahrukh Khan And Aryan Khan
    What a pleasure to see, the genes of extreme good looks and charm to be passed down to the next generation without any alteration. The King of Bollywood is well-known for his knife-sharp jawline, well-defined nose and eyes which speak a million words. We have his son now, walking down the same lane, getting finer as ever.
  • Rakesh Roshan And Hrithik Roshan
    Mesmer-eyes. Big thanks to Celebrity Rakesh Ji for passing on his most gorgeous pair of eyes to his dapper son! They both resemble each other is enumerable ways, from work ethics to acting skills and much more!
  • Saif Ali Khan And Ibrahim Ali Khan
    From where to start, is the question! Same face, same hairdo, same smile, (same person?) Another star kid who has gained unshaken popularity, who is a clone of his father. He’s certainly going to break some hearts in his successive years!
  • Jackie Shroff And Tiger Shroff
    Good looks, good looks and good looks. Both of these men are heartthrobs of the nation with their rock-solid physique and extravagant moves. This photograph is enough to showcase the magic of their Celebrity genes.
  • Rishi Kapoor And Ranbir Kapoor
    Kapoor senior is quiet impressed with his son’s look in upcoming Dutt biopic and the veteran actor says he is proud of the hard work the young star has put in for his role in the Rajkummar Hirani-directed movie. Rishi also said that Ranbir is getting for his look is because of his dedication to the craft. The 65-year-old actor believes Ranbirhas inherited his passion for cinema from him.
  • Javed Akhtar And Farhan Akhtar
    The film industry is blessed to receive gem after gem! From the same soulful laugh to the amazing talents, and the great human beings that they are; they complement each other.
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