Boko Haram suffers set back in Nigeria


Abuja: Chadian forces emerged victorious over Nigeria’s Boko Haram on Tuesday and assumed control of the border town of Gamboru, hours after launching a ground offensive against the terror outfit. 200 Boko Haram terrorists are reported to have been killed in the fight.

Around 2,000 Chadian troops crossed the border and entered into Gamboru armed with armoured vehicles from the Cameroonian town.

The Chadian forces said that eight Chadian soldiers were killed and 20 injured during the fight.

Nigeria had faced strong criticism for failing to deal with the Boko Haram who had stepped up their terror activities in the north east part of the country in the midst of the upcoming Presidential elections.

Chad intervened after African Union backed a strong force of 7,500 personnel from five countries fearing the security of the region.

The Nigerian Government had denied that the presence of foreign soldiers on its soil is hampering is sovereignty.