Bofors scam was a media trial: Pranab Mukherjee


New Delhi: The ‘Bofors scam’ that plagued the Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government in the 1980s was nothing but a scandal fanned by the media, said President Pranab Mukherjee. He added, “No Indian court has established it.”

In an exclusive interview with Peter Wolodarski, Editor-in-Chief of Dagens Nyhetter, days before his visit to Sweden, the President opened up on what has been a major issue of contention between the two nations.

“I was the defence minister of the country long after Bofors, and all my generals certified that this is one of the best guns we are having. Till today, Indian army is using it,” he was quoted in the interview.

“The so-called scandal which you talk of, yes, in the media, it was there. There was a media trial. But I’m afraid, let us not be too much carried by publicity,” he went on to add.

Asked if it was a media scandal, the President said: “I do not know. I’m not describing it, you’re putting that word. Don’t put that word. What I am saying is that in media it was publicised. But up to now, no Indian court has given any decisive verdict about the alleged scandal.”