My Body, My Right: Kerala Women Launch Bare Breast Protest


Thiruvananthapuram: After the video of a Kerala college professor’s speech, flaying women for not covering up their breasts “properly” and displaying them like watermelon, went viral, protests have erupted across the state.

And now, women have taken to social media to post bare-breasted photos to condemn the unsolicited counsel. At least two Kerala women went topless on Facebook launching a campaign against the professor over his remarks.

National Media reported that 25-year-old Arathy SA was among those, who posted a nude picture, and that and her husband too shared the photo.

“I am upset with hypersexualisation of breasts by people. Whether it be professors in college or social media users seeing a model breastfeed and pose for a magazine. So I and my husband posted pictures of me nude,” Arathy was quoted as saying by the news channel.

“Just because people may find my breasts attractive, doesn’t mean they are entitled to violate me or my body,” Arathy added.