‘Blue-White’ Color To Reduce Toto Menace In Jalpaiguri


Jalpaiguri: In an effort to reduce the Toto menace, Jalpaiguri municipality has taken an initiative to turn all the registered and legal Toto-rickshaws into blue-white. As an identification mark, municipality has also issued an temporary number which will be visible behind the vehicle.

State has given clearance for Toto as this will help to rise employment and keep the sub-urban part pollution free. Gradually the picture started to change with the growing number of Toto which causing traffic congestion in the area. It is a step to control such situation.

Approximately, seven thousands Toto runs in Jalpaiguri. The municipality has decided to issue the temporary number to those who bought the Toto from a government authorized shop.

A toto driver, Bikash Roy said, on this, “We are doing maintaining their decision to identify the totos of village and town which will reduce the congestion.”

Jalpaiguri Sadar Traffic police station Officer-in-charge said, “Toto-rickshaw has already been prohibited as pool-car. Illegal rickshaws will be prevented after issuing the number.” The residents expressed doubts over such decision to reduce congestion in the area.