Blue Film shown at fair to increase footfall


Nadia: Pornography comes out in the open. According to reports, open blue films were shown at a village fair organized by the Panchayat at Nadia district of West Bengal. Rural India is known for its fair. Keeping up with the trend, a fair was organized at Nadia’s Natibhanga area to celebrate ‘Poush Sankranti’.

To increase the footfall, the fair organizers had set up a special camp where blue films were shown. After oppositions from the local people the policy of show blue films were stopped. But, in order to increase the foot fall and the profit margin, pornography has been made the main weapon this year.

The villagers made repeated requests to the fair authorities to stop the practice. But it was left unheared by them. Atlast, the locals lodged a complaint at the local police station. The police is reported to have arrested four person responsible for the act.

However, the Panchayat Pradhan has disregarded any such allegation.