Blaze Destroys Rs 5 Cr Medicines At Kolkata Medical College


Kolkata: The fire at Calcutta Medical College pharmacy has destroyed at least five crore of medicines on October 3, Wednesday. The fire broke out at the down floor of Department of Pharmacy. So crores of live saving drugs have been destroyed which was available for the patients in free of cost.

A Forensic specialist Wasim Raja primarily said that, store room is the source of the fire in the building. Approximately, medicines for one month was in stock in the pharmacy store room. The hospital authority has stopped the free medicine service soon after the incident. Expectedly, it will continue on Thursday too. The patients party will have to buy many expensive medicines from outside. Health & Family Welfare Minister of State Chandrima Bhattacharya assured that no delay will happen in suppyling medicines.

The Pharmacy department building of Medical College And Hospital Kolkata has Hematology, Endocrenology, Gastro Entrology, Cardiology and Internal Medicine. More than 250 patients have been evacuated from the building. It has sparked agitation and panic among the patients and the families. Due to unavailability of power service interrupted the exact fare medicine shop service which became troublesome for the patients families.

On the other hand, While police said no casualty has been reported, the family of a patient alleged that he died as a direct result of the evacuation process. Superintendent of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital Dr Asish Kumar Basu denied the allegation, saying, “No casualty has been reported due to fire or smoke. A family did allege that a patient had died while being shifted from one ward to another, but there is no truth to it. He died due to medical reasons.”