Blast in Durgapur, One Killed


Update: Bomb squad and a special police team reached Durgapur to investigate the blast. As fresh reports are pouring in, it is reveled that the investigators have found two containers suspected to be holding explosives.

Durgapur: A blast in an electronic equipment repairing shop left one dead and three injured in Durgapur’s Bharati Road area on Thursday. As per reports the intensity of the blast was so severe that the nearby houses were jolted and window glasses developed cracks.

The locals reported that the shop is basically used to repair old TV, refrigerator and other electronic goods. The blast killed one man on the spot and the others have been rushed to a nearby hospital.

A police team rushed to the spot after the blast and an investigation has been launched. Although preliminary investigation suggested it to be a case of industrial accident but the intensity of the blast indicates other way.

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