A Blanket Ban Looming Over Russia On Rio Olympics


Lausanne (Switzerland): The International Olympic Committee have confirmed that they will explore “legal options” regarding a blanket ban on Russia from all competitions, including the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, but will not implement such a sanction immediately following the damning McLaren report that was released on Monday.

Despite growing calls for all Russian athletes to be banned from Rio 2016, the IOC has said that it will await the Court of Arbitration for Sport [Cas] decision, due to come on Thursday, concerning the IAAF’s ban on Russian athletes into account.

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It has been decided that “the IOC will not organise or give patronage to any sports event or meeting in Russia,” while all officials from the Russian Ministry of Sport have been banned from attending the Olympics this summer along with anyone else implicated in the McLaren report.

The IOC has also confirmed that it has “started disciplinary actions related to the involvement of officials within the Russian Ministry of Sports and other persons mentioned in the report because of violations of the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code,” with Richard McLaren, publisher of the McLaren report that was commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency [Wada], urging the IOC to name those involved in the alleged doping.

It has also been announced that a special Disciplinary Commission will be set-up in order to accelerate the procedures taken against Russia in order to determine any action that needs be taken against those within the Russian Ministry of Sports that are guilty.

The Disciplinary Commission will be compiled of Guy Canivet (Vice-Chair of the IOC Ethics Commission and former member of the French Constitutional Court), Robin Mitchell (Vice-Chair of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission, Member of the IOC Ethics Commission), Yang Yang (Athletes’ representative on the IOC Ethics Commission), Andrew Ryan (Executive Director of ASOIF) and Wolfgang Schobersberger (Representative of the International Winter Sport Federations, Member of the FIS Medical Commission).

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