Blame-Game Begins, Adhir Lashes Out At Govt


Murshidabad: The administration are making all kinds of efforts to douse the fire
which is raging since the past 13 hours. The locals have also failed to douse the

On the other hand, the blame-game of political parties have already begun. State
BJP president Dilip Ghosh accused the state government for the fire. State Pradesh
Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury lashed out at the TMC-run government and
said that although the city has not turned into London yet, but a state of
‘anarchy’ has set in Kolkata.

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Adhir accused the state government of being negligent despite the recent major
incidents in the cuty, one being the recent Majherhat bridge collapse. He also said
that if another massive incident occurs, then only the state government will take

Addressing a press conference at the Berhampore district Congress party office,
Adhir said that incidents are occuring one-by-one and commissions are being set-up
on them. He also accused the government of trying to hide everything.

Adhir also said, “If there is a will then there is a way.” On the Bagri incident
her said that again another comission will be set up and the incident will be made
hidden by giving lots of knowledge to the locals . He also said that this time
even, CM Mamata Banerjee will say why the incident happened and based on it a
committee will be set-up.