Black Flag Shown To Mukul Roy, ‘Go Back’ Slogan Raised


Jalpaiguri: The Trinamool Congress Chatra Parishad (TMCP) raised ‘Go Back’ slogans and showed black flags too BJP leader Mukul Roy while he was entering Jalpaiguri’s BJP party office.

The protest was carried on under the leadership of TMCP district president Abhijit Sinha. The BJP workers retaliated by giving counter slogans. Before the scuffle could go any further, Mukul Roy left the office and went to Bar Association. There he spoke with lawyers and assured the starting of circuit bench.

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After coming out of the party office at DBC Road, Mukul Roy said, “Those who makes such a behaviour in front of some other party’s office, they are known as miscreants. This is a proof that there is no democracy in the state.”

District TMCP president Abhijit Sinha said, “Mukul Roy is treacherous. That is why he was shown black cloth.” On behalf of the Bar Association, lawyer Kamal Krishna Banerjee thanked Mukul. Mukul told the lawyers that circuit bench is a central issue. The state government is just complicating it. He assured that the Jalpaiguri residents will hear about a positive step about starting the circuit bench within 7-16th December.