Black flags, posters by Maoists in Jungle Mahal on Independence Day


Midnapore: The Maoists hoisted black flags at Jungle Mahal on the occasion of Independence Day along with threatening the Trinamool Congress and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. On Saturday the Maoist Posters and leaflets were found at Purulia’s Balarampur Police station area in Garga and Basita village adjacent to the Ayodhya Hills.

On the other hand, black flags were found in Garga Primary school. It is being suspected that the Maoists were behind the incident. Posters were found in the area threatening the TMC where it was written that the Maoists are back in the state.

Questions were raised regarding the developmental projects undertaken by the CM in the Jungle Mahal. Demands were also raised to remove the Joint forces and the Naga forces from the area. Huge contingent of police and central forces arrived in the area after the incident came to light. The black flags and the posters were removed from the area and raids are being conducted to find the suspected people behind the incident.