BJP’s Strike Impacts Burrabazar


Kolkata: Though the 12-hour strike has not been successful in most part of West Bengal. Amid all the ‘unsuccessful’ pictures of BJP’s strike, Burrabazar is carrying the different note and number of pictures, favoring the strike where almost all the shops are closed on Wednesday.

West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh announced that BJP calls off the strike before 2 hours. With the growing time, the common people and businessman are not at all interested to support a strike. Because it decreases the work culture, reduce the quality of a work.

But Burrabazar carried the old picture of a clean and clear market which is completely different from other days. Buses and two wheelers are moving through Howrah bridge and the bridge is tight under heavy traffic.

In Burrabazar, the heart of the central business district, more than half the shops and offices were shut. Some traders had opened their shops in the morning, albeit only for the morning puja and aarti.

Rajinder Sharma, an edible oil wholesaler in Posta, was among the few to keep their shops open. “I have not done a single transaction since morning,” he told Metro around 12.30pm. “Most of my customers buy in cash. They don’t step out on strike days because they fear losing the cash if there is trouble.”

Anay Deb, a dry-food seller said that, “I do not support the strike but the market is almost closed. A strike used to make huge loss for the business people.”

Without saying his name, a businessman said that, “The place carry influence of BJP. The reason does not matter.

A spice seller, Surendra Adhya was not aware of the fact behind the strike. After knowing the reason he said that, “this is very bad.strike can happen after this.”