BJP’s Result Will Be Zero In Lok Sabha In Bengal


Balarampur: TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee announced contesting in the neighboring state of Jharkhand for several Lok Sabha constituencies. At the Balarampur meeting, Mamata said that TMC will give candidates for all the Lok Sabha constituencies at Jharkhand.

Prior to thus, Mamata had announced to give candidates in several states such as Jharkhand and Odisha. At Purulia too, Mamata Banerjee lashed out at Jharkhand’s BJP government. She said, people are being brought in from Jharkhand to Bengal to distort peace.

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Mamata instructed party members that it is the work of the BJP to bring in people in the state to stir violence. But it cannot go on. She asked the TMC workers to be more active at the Bengal-Jharkhand border. She said, “People will have to go to Jharkhand to work and the party needs to be strengthened. TMC will give candidates in the other state to fight in the Lok Sabha.”

Weeks ago, Mamata had lashed out at Mukul without naming him. She had accused him for breaking the Vidhan Sabha Tripura’s organisation. The party workers had lost.

To increase party strength in Tripura, Mamata is taking steps. She clearly tried to give the message that winning in Tripura is her next aim. She is giving priority to the work being done by her party. She also said that she will not leave Jharkhand without any fight.

She also said, “BJP had won in two Lok Sabha constituencies last time. This time, they will get none. BJP’s result will be zero.”