BJP’s Party Conflict Unfasten Amit Shah’s Dream To Gain Bengal


Malda: Amit Shah is dreaming to win West Bengal. He urged that Bengal people at least once canput their responsibility to Narendra Modi. BJP the real picture providing the reverse picture. The panchayat members and other supporters are losing their faith on BJP. Thus shifting to Trinamool. Same thing happening with Congress and CPM.

The picture coming out from Gazol of Malda. People of seven gram panchayat including Bairgachi 1,2 and Shalaidanga 3 & 4 are shifting to Trinamool from BJP, CPM, Congress. Seven elected representatives and twent five party members have shifted to TMC. TMC leader of Gazol, Ranajit Biswas and district supervisor Soumitra Roy were present and gave warm welcome to them.

BJP-left panchayat member Jayanta Bansda said, “developmental work was facing huge delay due to the internal clash in BJP so the villagers were misguided. So i Shifted.”

It became an usual scene that people from Congress and CPM are shifing to TMC. But BJP is the emerging powetr in West Bengal. So the Lok Sabha in 2019, Lagislative election are the Semifinal and final for the saffron brigade. Several initiatives have been taken and party strategy are constantly changing on the daily basis. but no change is there. Internal clash might stand as the constant snag in achieving establishment in West Bengal.