BJP’s LED To Counter TMC Banners


Kolkata: Bharatiya Janata Party took technology as their weapon to retaliate against Trinamool-Congress. So they have utilised LED countering TMC’s garland of flakes, festoons and posters.

One month has not been finished of Trinamool’s Martyres’ Day. The gathering caught the eyes of people. Approximately ten LEDs’ were installed to spread the words of Mamata Banerjee which was quite innovative. To counter TMC’s act BJP had promised to organise a grand party meeting assuring assuring the presence of Amit Shah.

The are successful in making the meeting space completely a high-tech zone. LED monitor has been installed in a very less gap so that nobody miss a single words. As per BJP source, 24 LED have been installed in Mayo Road in the Yuva Somabesh meeting where BJP president Amit Shah is the key-speaker.

The most awaited meeting of BJP was the stepping stone before Lok Sabha to strengthen party base in West Bengal. The city has been covered with many flags, festoons, flakes and posters. Many act and retaliation poured in different ways. TMC second supremo said, “It’s natural that picture of the woman will be there who runs the state.” So Amit Shah has played maintained the entire game very tactfully. the posters have been covered with cloths on Saturday morning.

The light of LED was helping to pale the glow of Mamata Banerjee. BJP workers said, ” Its just a trailer, Entire picture is left.” Now it’s a wait to see the change in ballot box.