BJP Workers Forcefully Applying Ink On Fingers Of Dalit Voters: SP


Lucknow: Several residents of Tara Jivanpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandauli on Sunday claimed that ink was forcefully applied on their fingers by some BJP workers. The villagers said that three men from their village gave them Rs 500 on Saturday and said that they were from BJP. Talking to ANI, a villager said, “The men were from BJP and they asked us if we’ll vote for the party. They told us now you can’t vote. Don’t tell anyone.”

Commenting on the incident, Chandauli SDM Kr Harsh said that some villagers have reached the police station with their complaints. He added that proper action will be taken as per the complaint filed by the affected villagers. The SDM noted that the complainants can still exercise their voting right because the election had not begun when the ink was ‘forcefully’ applied on their fingers.

“Complainants are present at police station. We will take action as per the complaint they file. They are still eligible to cast votes as the elections hadn’t begun then, they will have to mention in the FIR that ink was forcefully applied to them,” SDM Harsh.

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party (SP) has claimed that ink was forcefully applied on the fingers of Dalit voters in order to stop them from casting their votes. The SP has complained to Election Commission over this matter.

SP spokesperson Manoj Dhoopchandi tweeted that Dalits across Chandauli are being stopped from casting their votes. He has urged the EC to ensure that everyone is allowed to exercise their voting rights in order to keep democracy alive.