BJP Worker Attacked In Front Of Dilip’s Car


Kolkata: A BJP worker was assaulted in front of BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s convoy at Kharagpur’s Basantpur on Wednesday. Dilip Ghosh’s security guards rescued the party worker.

The local BJP leadership have accused the TMC for making prior plans for Wednesday’s incident. They have accused the ruling party of trying to terrorise by creating violence in front of Dilip’s convoy. However, the district TMC leadership have rejected all such claims and termed the incident as a result of factional feud within the saffron party.

According to locals, Dilip Ghosh was on his way to a RSS worker’s house on the occasion of Lakhsmi Puja at Kharagpur gramin-2’s Basantpur’s Kanikha area. RSS worker Pramukha Adwaitcharan came to his house on the occasion of Lakhsmi Puja. Dilip was on his way to visit him when this incident took place while he was on his way.

The worker was moving in front of Dilip’s car with BJP flag on his bike. Some people stopped the bike and assaulted him. The attackers had black flags. Ghosh could see everything from his car. The security guards of central forces act as the security guards of state BJP president. They came out and rescued the worker.

Questions arise over who were behind this incident who wore black flags and tried stopping Dilip Ghosh’s convoy. Why will the TMC show black flags to Ghosh’s convoy? Was it BJP factional feud? Will Ghosh face the same thing again or will he have to return using the same road? Ghosh is scheduled to give speech at a rally in Kharagpur on Wednesday evening.