BJP Woos TMC Member To Their Party


Bankura: By wooing a TMC member to their party, the BJP constructed the Panchayat board at Bankura’s Mankanali gram panchayat. The BJP won in 8 seats of the 15-member gram panchayat. TMC won 7.

During the set-up of the board on Monday, it was seen that a Panchayat member from TMC is casting his vote for BJP. As a result, chaos soon erupted. Naturally, with a 9-6 ratio, BJP got the responsibility of managing the Panchayat. The administration heightened the security in the area to escape any untoward incident from taking place.

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No reaction from the TMC has been received yet. As per the BJP, they can only bring about development in the area and because of this the TMC member joined their party. It was also assured that the member was not pressurised by the BJP party. However, that ‘TMC’ member refused to face the media.