BJP Woman Member Receives ‘Indecent’ Behaviour From Dist Prez

Subir Nag (Middle One)

Chinsurah: Subir Nag, Hooghly district BJP president has been alleged for showing indecent behaviour with a woman-wing member of their own party.

Allegedly, Subir Nag and their followers have manhandled the lady. A written complaint has been lodged in Chinsurah police station. BJP youth-wing has their scheduled program in August. District BJP leadership held a party meeting on Wednesday focusing the program. Her complaint stated, “I joined the meeting on the call of district observer Kousik Ghosh.”

Rest of the part didn’t want her in the meeting. Few party members almost attacked her after she enterred the room. She also received derogatory words and indecent behaviour deliberately from the supporters of the leader.

Her complaint clearly stated that, she has been told to go out of the room in spite of invitation, ignoring the fact she was there. Then the president took an active role to shoo away her. Subir Nag allegedly pushed her chest to get her out of the room.

A video footage has also been submitted along with the written complaint. She also said, several times she received life threatening messages from some of the party members. He clearly stated, if anything happens to her Subir Nag would be accountable for that.