‘BJP Will Get 22 Seats From West Bengal In Lok Sabha’


Berhampore: Bharatiya Janata Party will lead in Lok Sabha Election 2019. West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh hoping to secure twenty two seats in the state. In a programme at Farakka he assured party supporters and members.

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In his speech at the programme, he said that, “TMC would not be able to beat BJP. Party is confident about that. So the ruling party is creating a chaotic situation. But it won’t be fruitful. We will secure 22 seats in West Bengal. You will see that in May.”

State BJP president also said that, “Oppositions used to get beaten in Bengal. It is the trend of this place since long. When people beat somebody, it proves their importance to them. We will be the changer of this state. BJP is strengthening their ground in Malda, Balurghat and other parts of West Bengal.”

Ouestioning the murder in Assam, Ghosh added that, ” Government has ordered NIA investigation in five bengali speaking labourers killings in Assam, In West Bengal many people are being murdered, are they not Bengali.