BJP Will Encash Minority Votes


Beharampur: For the first time, residents of Dumkal will participate in municipal election. Earlier Dumkal was under Panchayat area.

ডোমকলের প্রথম পুর নির্বাচনে বিজেপির লক্ষ্য সংখ্যালঘু ভোট

Like all political parties, BJP too is gearing up to fight it out at the political arena. Saffron brigade is targeting the minority votes so the list of candidates that were submitted at District Magistrate’s office has majority of minority candidates. Out of 16 candidates who would fight to capture 21 centres, six candidates belong to Muslim community.  Muslim population forms the major chunk of the demography so winning their favour is important.

With much fanfare, BJP went to district administration office to submit the list. District President Gouri Sonkar was present at the occasion stating that ‘minority communities are with us and the scenario is same everywhere. Dumkal did not make us unhappy either”.

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Though Dumkal came under municipal area around one and half years, administrative body used to perform the necessary municipal work. The administrative body was dissolved so that elected municipal body can be formed.

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