BJP Wants To Create Riots Among People: Mamata


Alipurduar: Attacking on saffron Brigade from Kumargram public meeting of Alipurduar, the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said BJP is trying to create riots in the West Bengal on Tuesday. After that, the Chief Minister’s advice to the tribal people of Alipurduar, don’t mislead.

Recently, two residents of Bengal have been killed in Gujarat. Commenting on the issue, the Chief Minister said, “Everyone has the right to work in any state. It’s their freedom. Nobody has the right to drive or kill them. “The BJP has questioned the question,” Why are our siblings being driven out of Assam?

We do not throw them out, we stand with love. This is the difference among us. If Bengal lives good,Assam will be good too, she said. The Chief Minister inaugurated and formulated several projects in this tour. Announced that, on February 2, Nadia will have seven thousand roads in north Bengal soon. The minister said, “You wanted a new district, I have kept that word.” A building is on its way to accommodate 40 offices under the same roof for the convenience of residents.

Mamta Bandyopadhyay gave land patta to 1,000 farmers from districts. In the words of the administrative head of the state, “In the 1970s, ownership of 95 percent of the land was released. Land will be handed over to the farmers of the district in future tomorrow. “Alipurduar will be having a well-equipped bus terminus.

It will cost 28 crore. Construction of new roads in district, Kumargram and Kalchini is being constructed, water projects are being started. On this day, police security in the Kumaragaragrama of Alipurduar was visible for the presence of Chief Minister.