BJP’s Wait Is Not Over To Declare Bengal’s New Premier


Kolkata: Bengal is the ‘next stop’ for BJP. The 2018 panchayat elections will be a key test for the BJP in West Bengal, ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But BJP started plans for 2021 Assembly elections to fight against Mamata.

Compared to Tripura BJP’s organisation in West Bengal is much stronger and widespread. Modi-Amit’s ‘Bharat-Jay’ will be completed after Bengal’s green color turned into saffron.

আঁটঘাট বেঁধে বঙ্গ দখলের লক্ষ্যেই সেনাপতির নাম ঘোষণায় সাবধানী মোদী

According to sources, a meeting was held in Delhi on Monday and many central ministers and leaders were present at the meeting. In this meeting, they scuffled Bengal BJP brigade and also decided whom to give the Bengal BJP’s next baton. But a little twist on the story, the central leadership took a speak-ti- not attitude.

According to BJP sources, Central BJP leaders are actually waiting for the right time. So, curiosity has touched the sky among the political think-tanks.

The sources also asserted that Central BJP leaders wanted to bring it public with a press-meet. Central committee also scuffled the state BJP brigade and gave some important role to some top leaders of the Bengal BJP.

But Bengal BJP brigade is also mum about this speculations. According to them, there is no plan to cut the ‘head’ of Dilip Ghosh.  Central general secretary Sibprakash said that ‘we did not heard about this. Dilip Ghosh is doing well in Bengal. If he is changed then Amit Shah will inform this.’

Reported By-Soumik Karmakar

Edited By-Piku Mukherjee