BJP UP Chief Keshav Maurya Depicted as ‘Arjun’ In Poster


New Delhi: Even before the controversy around his previous poster could have settled down, BJP’s Uttar Pradesh president Keshav Prasad Maurya has now been depicted as ‘Arjun’ in a new poster in Allahabad.

As per a report in Punjab Kesari, BJP leader in Allahabad Dr Vikram Singh Patel has shared a poster on social media wherein Maurya has been shown as ‘Arjun’ fighting the battle of Mahabharata.

In what may further become unendurable for many, in the poster Patel has shown himself as ‘Krishna’. He has also given some space to the images of PM Narendra Modi and his father Karan Singh Patel on the chariot of ‘Arjun’.

In his previous poster, he was depicted as ‘Lord Krishna’ and other politicians including Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav  were shown as ‘Kauravas’. The poster had stoked a controversy with SP accusing BJP of hurting the religious sentiments of the people and trying to tarnish the image of Yadav.

However, BJP distanced itself from it and denied that it has any association with the controversial poster. BJP MLC Laxman Acharya said BJP has nothing to do with the poster and the party is always against such things. The poster carries the name of one Rupesh Pandey in the bottom right corner, who had allegedly issued this poster.