BJP To Highlight ‘Corruption’ To Attack TMC In Lok Sbaha 2019

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BJP To Highlight ‘Corruption’ To Attack TMC In Lok Sbaha 2019

Bardhaman: In an effort to beat Trinamool, Bharatiya Janata Party will highlight corruption issues of past years, said Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh in a programme at Ausgram on Thursday.

He also added that BJP will also add political violence and mass maurder and other corruption before Lok Sabha 2019. Criticising TMC government, the president said that ‘government is giving holidays instead of money.’ What is the problem behind offering DA to the employees. He raised question that where all the money of Centre are flowing ?

On the other hand, criticising the equation of Congress-left-TMC, he said that Mousam Benajir Noor has expressed desire to go with TMC. Partha Chatterjee has welcomed the decision. He also denounced the brewing alliance of CPM with Congress. On this issue, he said that “CPM is gambling. They are trying to lead the ‘understanding’ row.”

Behind everything, Saffron camp is being worried over the brewing alliance. The political experts are expecting that the Lok Sabha Election 2019 will be a grand war ground.