BJP To Head To National Election Commission

Panchayat Election - Nomination. Trinamool Congress beat up others. In front of Curzon Gate. - Photo by Sanjoy Karmakar, Puraba Bardhaman

Kolkata: The immeasurable violence in West Bengal panchayat election stands as sporadic example in a democratic structure. State BJP will knock the door of National Election Commission questioning the role of West Bengal State Election Commission in panchayat.

According to state BJP, national leadership of BJP will guide National Election Commission with respective data regarding vote, Media coverage and court order on West Bengal panchayat election.

জাতীয় নির্বাচন কমিশনের কাছে যাবে বিজেপি

They will convince them that election commission organised the election in accordance with West Bengal State government. A combine team of BJP from national and state leadership will go to National Election Commission within few days.

A leader of state BJP said, “Narendra Modi mentioned the violence of WB panchayat everywhere. Union Home Ministry had asked for election report. It’s enough shameful for Mamata Banerjee.”