“BJP & TMC Gambling On NRC Issue”


Kolkata: Bharatiya Janata Party is provoking communal harmony in the name of National Registers of Citizen. Trinamool also diverting several lacking with this issue. Adhir Chowdhury slammed BJP and TMC on Sunday regarding NRC issue. State Congress will take road on OCtober 4 to stage protest against both the parties.

NRC became the ‘Hot-Cake’ to all the anti-BJP parties, specifically in the border adjacent areas of west Bengal and Assam. Every party is busy in fixing their strategy for Lok Sabha. Adhir Chowdhury on Sunday called all the district president in the meeting to come to a point to fight aginst all the parties. So, they are ready to go for a movement against them.

They have promised to penetrate the movement in every corner of West Bengal. A rally will be held on Monday from Bidhan Bhavan to Dharmatala. Few of MLAs’ from Assam might join them. They have a plan to meet governor Kesharinath Tripathi.

In a press conference after the meeting Chowdhury said, “BJP must start NRC in the 19 state they rule. Don’t disturb Bengal people.” NRC is completely a matter that involves Assam. No implementation of it outside of Assam.”

Adhir Chowdhury involving Mamata Banerjee said, “She has sealed the border after ensuring sympathy to the fouty lakh people.” So she is also playing a communal game.