BJP Stages Protest In Howrah & Jalpaiguri Against Attack On Dilip Ghosh


Jalpaiguri & Howrah: Bharatiya Janata Party members and supporters held a road blockade in Jalpaiguri in protest of the attack on Dilip Ghosh that took place on Monday in Kanthi.

They demanded that those who are involved in that has to get identified soon. District youth wing chairman Shayamaprasad and other people of BJP. They held blockade at National highway in Jalpaiguri. So it cause huge congestion in Jalpaiguri. Many buses and trucks staged which was troublesome on Vishwakarma Puja. Common people face problem due to this.

The district youth chaiman Shayamaprasad said, “We are leaving our protest for now. If people do not get identified we will go for larger movement.”

On the other hand, BJP supporters also held a protest in front of Ashoka Hotel adjacent to Howrah station. Police and BJP people got invol;ved in a manhandling situation where dist president Surajit Saha has been injured. He is admitted in hospital.

State BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s car has been attacked and vandalised. Chaos in the area. He was going to join a programme. 7 BJP workers allegedly injured in the attack. The TMC party has been accused for attacking the leader. Miscreants came by bikes and attacked in front of the police, said Dilip Ghosh.

The BJP president was on his way to East Midnapore’s Kanthi Jungal Mahal on Monday morning when TMC leaders and workers started protesting in front of Dilip Ghosh’s car. The BJP party, in their complaint, said that while protesting, some TMC workers started pelting stones at Dilip Ghosh’s car. After that, the allegedly vandalised his car.

Local MP Dibyendu Adhikari has been accused of leading the mob. However, he has rejected all such allegations. He has held the BJP responsible for factional feud within the party.