BJP Secured 3rd In Adhir’s Bastion


Beharampore: The Trinamool Congress looked set to sweep the Panchayat while BJP maintained second and Left, Congress were pushed to the margins. The saffron brigade secured third position in Congress strong hold bastion Murshidabad. BJP’s growth slowly progressed in Murshidabad.

Once upon a time, Murshidabad was congress’s stronghold bastion maintained by Bengal’s tiger Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. But TMC took the bastion from Adhir in perivious Panchayat elections.

অধীরের জেলায় খাতা খুলে তৃতীয় শক্তি মোদীর দল

In this year Panchayat elections, BJP secured many seats in Murshidabad and claimed third positions. Murshidabad BJP district president GauriShankar Ghosh said that BJP will secure second positions if TMC did not do any Violence.

GauriShankar added that BJP do well in those places where TMC did not show their muscle powers. He also continued that nobody stopped BJP after all violence in panchayat elections. Bengal’s people already understood the development done by ruling party. Now they want to change their taste.