BJP-RSS’s ‘Netaji Politics’ Vexes Kabir Suman


Kolkata: The Narendra Modi government’s ‘Netaji Politics’ to answer the Gandhi family has irritated singer Kabir Suman, who claimed him as ‘political-Muslim’ and unequivocal supporter of Mamata Banerjee.

In the run up to 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Modi and his party has already started parallel campaigns. The political observers started to say that the hoisting of tricolor in Red Fort was just a political eye gimmick to throw a fresh challenge towards Sonia and Rahul Gandhi led Congress.

While speaking to Kolkata24x7 Suman said that, “I hate BJP & RSS for the activities they have started regarding Netaji.”

He further added that, “Look, they are far-off from the ideology of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Netaji disliked Shyamaprasad. In 1945 a cartoon image was published in the RSS magazine. Where Mahatma Gandhi was shown as ten-headed Ravana. And one of the head of a cartoon was portrayed to symbolize Bose. And today they are pretending to honor Netaji.”

75 years of the Azad Hind government and the undivided India’s Prime Minister and Home Minister Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose – these are the two recent topic for Bharatiya Janata Party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clear message after hoisting national flag on Sunday, October 21 for the Lok Sabha by-polling India. As the Prime Minister of undivided-India, let the name of Netaji be pronounced across the country. Ignoring the discomfort of the Gandhi-Nehru family, let India know Netaji’s heroic deeds. The first government of undivided-India – let the story of Azad Hind Government be popularize.

The singer Kabir Suman also said, “See, in the year 2019 the BJP will not be able to come to power. They have understood that. So, they are now trying to highlight the injustice that Congress has done to Netaji. But people do not believe them. The BJP-RSS programs that have taken place in India till now have failed.”

But not only on the issue of Netaji, Suman is also vexed by BJP’s strategy of using the sensitive incident of Darivit High School students shooting issue. On this matter he concluded by saying, “The students shooting case in Islampur school. BJP wanted to create a riot kind situation in Bengal before the festive season by using communal politics. But the India’s general peace-loving minority Muslims have failed this plan of BJP. Several Muslim priests have repeatedly spread the awareness from every mosques and kept the common Muslim society away from violence.”