BJP promises citizenship to Bangladeshi Hindu refugees


Guwahati: Bangladeshi Hindu refugees will be given Indian citizenship if Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) comes to power in Assam in next year’s Assembly poll, party president Amit Shah said on Sunday.

“Some Hindus have come from Bangladesh due to religious disturbances. BJP will give all of them citizenship once we come to power,” Shah said at a rally in Guwahati.

Not only in Assam, but the party will work towards giving citizenship to all Bangladeshi Hindu immigrants across the country, he added.
“Next elections will be fought on this issue… freeing the state of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. They will also be for development of Assam and North-East,” said Shah, who is on his maiden two-day tour to Assam.

He said Assam has become a shelter for illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and the Congress government in the state is doing nothing to deport them.
“We gave money to update NRC (National Register of Citizens), but the state government does not want to do this as they got their votes. This will not continue for long. BJP will surely evict them from Assam land,” Shah said.

He called on the people to free Assam from Congress’ 15-year “rule of corruption” and hand over the reins to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for overall development of the state.

Referring to a recent CAG report, Shah claimed there are no accounts for Rs 12,000 crore funds.

“Tarun Gogoi, please give accounts for that money or else people will seek answer during polls next year. If there is no change, then who will ask for answers? Please give us power, we will seek answer for each penny,” he said.

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