BJP poses fresh round of questions to AAP


New Delhi: A Fresh round of question by the BJP on Friday, continued the daily question series that the party has been posing to the Aam Aadmi Party. The questions included AAP’s alleged choice of volunteers from Pakistan and Bangladesh, the alleged exodus of women from the party and about not having submitted accounts to the Election Commission.

It was day two of BJP’s five questions to Arvind Kejriwal, in continuation of the five questions series the party has promised to ask AAP every day, ahead of the Delhi assembly polls.

While quizzing it, the BJP called the party anti-women and also accused it of disrespecting constitutional bodies. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman alleged that the AAP is fleeing from questions.

Friday’s set of questions for were –

Q1. Didn’t you find volunteers to ask for votes in Delhi? Explain the link to foreign volunteers.

Q2. AAP is anti-women. All women workers exited it and they attack a woman BJP candidate. Why are women leaving AAP?

Q3. AAP hasn’t submitted their account for Lok Sabha 2014 elections with Election Commission? Why are Lok Sabha polls still unaccounted for?

Q4. EC’s orders have been violated by AAP. They do not respect institutions like the EC. Why insult Constitutional bodies?

Q5. AAP’s intention is not to strengthen Lokayukta. How many times did they raise that issue after there 49 days in the power? Why is AAP ignoring the Lokayukta?

Responding to the questions, Aam Aadmi Party lashed out at the BJP, questioning its vision and agenda. AAP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Arvind Kejriwal said he is ready to answer 500 questions if Kiran Bedi accepts his challenge for a public debate.