BJP Playing Divisive Politics In Name Of Religion: Abhishek Banerjee


Purulia: Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee held a workshop for the booth-level workers at Purulia, where he countered the BJP on several issues:

Here are the excerpts of his speech:

We do whatever we promise. There has been a radical change in Purulia between 2011 and 2019. When Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister for the first time, she came to Purulia with a bouquet of developmental projects.

In 2014, they said that “Acchey Din” will come. People have been duped for five years. The expiry date of this Govt at centre has passed. Their departure is just a matter of time.
A peaceful, progressive and secular India will be formed under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. A secular Government will be formed in Delhi with the support of the people.
In the last five years, the Government under Narendra Modi have not even sent 5 paise for Purulia, whereas the Bangla Government have spent more than Rs 8000 crore for the district.

The Yogi Adityanath Government did not pay proper respect to the Belur Math of Swami Vivekananda. They say one thing in the morning and contradict it in the afternoon. This is what the Bharatiya Janata Party is. Those to publicise themselves as the first and last words of Hinduism have never done anything for the Hindus.

Chief Ministers of all the 28 other states account for less than 5% than what Mamata Banerjee has done for the Hindus. The Centre has asked the Income Tax department to investigate the Durga Puja committees in Bangla. Has anything been done to scare the organisers of the Kumbha Mela, the Ganesh Pujas in Maharashtra, the Mahaveer Jayantis in Uttar Pradesh or the Hanuman Jayantis? Why is this step-motherly attitude being taken?
After Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister, the Dakshineswar Skywalk was constructed, Tarapith and Tarakeswar were developed and the house of Sister Nivedita renovated.

BJP has been playing divisive politics with the promise of Ram Mandir. The country is being destroyed.