Modi Plans For Another Big Announcement In Lucknow Rally

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Lucknow: Lucknow’s biggest political rally ever, to showcase a big announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi  that’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s plan for the much-anticipated January 2 campaign event in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh’s capital.

ET spoke to several senior BJP leaders, all of whom spoke off record, for details of the Modi rally on the second day of the New Year. The political buzz is that the prime minister will offer a headline-grabbing policy move aimed at generating feel-good after the 50-day ‘trial’ period of demonetisation gets over on December 30. Modi had asked for the 50-day period at a rally in Goa soon after his November 8 announcement on demonetisation.

BJP leaders said they are working towards achieving a “record” attendance for the Lucknow event. The party’s 1.38 lakh booth committees, each of which may have up to 20 cadres, are key to ensuring a huge crowd.

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One BJP leader said the plan is to ensure attendance by most booth committee workers and ask them to bring small groups of people with them. BJP President Amit Shah has been holding booth-level meetings and the PM’s rally, another BJP leader said, will “build on that effort”.