BJP Party Office Vandalised In Bankura


Bankura: The TMC party has been accused of vandalising BJP party office at Supur
village under the Khatra police station in Bankura.

The BJP have accused the TMC goons of carrying out this attack. They have been
accused of attacking several BJP workers, besides vandalising party office. Not
only that but they also allegedly destroyed several important documents which were
present in the party office.

According to the BJP workers, the TMC goons arrived at the party office with
sticks. Those workers who were present in the office were attacked. The names of
the injured are Rajiv Mukherjee, Madan Das, Baidyanath Bauri and a female worker by
the name Manorama Goswami.

All the injured workers, except Baidyanath Bauri, have been admitted in the Khatra
sub-divisional hospital. Baidyanath has been admitted to the Sammilani Medical

The local TMC leadership have rejected all such allegations. TMC Khatra block
president Anand Mohan Mahato said, “No incident of attack in the Supur village took
place. Whatever happened was done by BJP.” He claimed that the BJP party has a
long-time habit of creating ruckus themselves.

The police have started an investigation into the case.